Next Event: Penglais Woods

This will be a VO (Virtual orienteering) event

Date of event: Sun 06th Dec 20
Level of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Aberystwyth

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Blaenmelindwr Event Sunday 15th November 2020

Important Notice for those people entered in the above event.

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Future events

Until otherwise notified all future events will be run as VO events.

Some of next years events have been listed but final dates have as yet to be finalised.

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Virtual Orienteering Courses (VOCs)

Virtual Orienteering Courses (VOCs). This is a new category on our website where we have set up a specific link on our home page to provide general information and details of courses which now have been made available. VOC's have been developed to enable a person with the aid of an App (UsynligO or MapRun) to follow a virtual course using the App on their smart phone to locate various controls on an orienteering map.

In the present situation with COVID-19 normal orienteering has been suspended but with VOC's one can now as an individual go out and run any of these courses and get your times recorded, you can also compare your times with others who have done the same course.  You can re-run the course as many times as you desire, ideal for training runs or just for fun. You do not need to be a professional orienteer, any individual or family can have a go, whether you run it or walk does not really matter the main thing is to have fun.

08th Jul 20  

Cancellation of all future events until further notice

Please note following receipt of an email this morning from British Orienteering all future events have been cancelled until further notice due to the Corona virus outbreak.

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Cancellation of event scheduled for 22nd March 2020

Please note our next event which was scheduled for Sunday 22nd March has bee cancelled due to the Cronona virus outbreak.

17th Mar 20  

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