Dissolution of Mid Wales Orienteering Club

As of 20 October 2023, due to lack of active volunteers, the committee agreed to the dissolution of Mid Wales Orienteering Club, pending a period of up to 5 years’ of dormancy. Dormancy means the club will not annually affiliate to the British Orienteering Federation, however the website will remain operational (primarily to display this notice). As the club will not be affiliated during this time, there will be no members, insurance, or the ability to hold events. If during this period of dormancy, others wish to form a new committee and take over the running of the Club, they may liaise with British Orienteering and the Welsh Orienteering Association in order to do so, and at that point, the question of dissolution becomes void.

The period of dormancy will expire on 20 October 2028 and on this date the club will transfer its remaining assets to the Welsh Orienteering Association. Any enquiries regarding the re-affiliation of the club up until this date should be sent to the previous MWOC Treasurer and Membership Secretary (

23rd Nov 23  

Instructions for Si Droid and Pre-entries

Instructions for Si Droid and pre-entries

18th Jul 22  

Entries on the website

Notes for people entering events on the website.

16th Jan 22  

British Orienteering - 8 Skills for Orienteering

British Orienteering have publised 8 videos of various orienteering skills, which you will find very helpful whether you are a beginner or experienced orienteer.

Follow the link below to view these videos.

06th Feb 19  

Introduction video to Orienteering by Graham Gristwood

This is an introductory video from Graham Gristwood ideal for beginners.

Please click onto the following link to view a video on an introduction to orienteering.

06th Feb 19  

Planning and running a level C event

The following documents will help you plan and organise a level C event and can be used as general information for other events.

07th Mar 17  

Club League how to calculate

The following instructions show you how to create the annual club league table

17th Nov 15  

How to find your age group

How to find your age group

25th Jan 13  


Useful links to orienteering related websites.

01st Mar 12  

Notes on using Sports Indent Si

At present, we have numbers 93-99 and 121-223 inclusive on our stakes and Si Stations + Clear, Start and Finish Units on stakes and Check (hand held by Organiser, or Starts Team if bigger event). The East have 93-99 and 121-159 and the West have 160-223. So when planning your Courses you can allocate in advance any of these numbers to a particular course.

01st Nov 11  

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