Club League, how it works

The League will be calculated for each course for Club Members only; although our events are however open to anyone to enter. If you join the club before 1st October, you can have results from earlier in the year included in the league.

Positions will be calculated for your best five scores to count for both our Juniors and Seniors. If a Planner has not done five events in total, then he/she will be given his/her “average” score for that event which will be added to his/her total score at the end of the year.

However, both Seniors and Juniors will be Age Group “handicapped” using the BOF Age Group Speed Ratio system (these Handicaps take into consideration your age and gender). So, for example, a 45 year will be on an “equal” footing with a younger, fitter and faster 21 year old with the "handicap system" in place. Likewise, it would be unfair that a W10 should have to run against a W16 without the “handicap” system in operation.

All end of the year Junior and Senior winners will be “offset” one Age Group for the following season (to try to ensure that the same person does not win all the time!), i.e. if a W55 won the Blue course, then the following year her handicap would be based on a W50. However, it won't apply should a Junior or Senior move “up” a Course category, e.g. he/she wins the Yellow in 2012 but moves up to the Orange Course in 2013 etc.

If any Juniors go round in pairs (acceptable on the Yellow course only) then, if one is a M12 and the other a M14, then the handicap will be based on the “older” person for that pair. However, any Under 5s accompanied by mum or dad will have their points calculated on either an M10 or W10 handicap.

2012 League positions

2011 League positions


29th Jan 13  by Bill Marlow