VOC’s using UsynligO

Virtual Orienteering Courses (VOCs)

MWOC have launched virtual orienteering using mobile phone technology called UsynligO.

This section outlines how you can access our Virtual Orienteering Courses and some helpful notes:

  •  How to download and use the virtual orienteering app called UsynligO this is optional to allow you to time your run and get alerted by your mobile phone when you have visited a control (click here).
  • How to print your own map a great way to make a run more enjoyable (click here)
  • How to get hints and tips on using the technology (click here)
  • How to go on a run and using UsynligO (click here)

We have provided initially a few new mapped areas for members and others to try, with a range of courses to your individual tastes - from yellow (approx. 2.0km to brown (approx. 8.0km) standard line courses.

NOTE - You make use of any virtual orienteering courses as an individual activity and not a club activity but you will not be covered by British Orienteering’s public liability insurance. However, since all the courses we have provided are on land that you can currently access as a walker or runner, simply using your phone and a map to visit specific locations, would be on the same basis that you currently visit these areas i.e. at your own risk.

 How do I access the courses?

Our courses are available on this link https://usynligo.no/filter?category=MWOC (and include the locations in the table at the bottom of this article).  The UsynligO website holds high quality printable PDF maps of all of these courses - so if you just fancy running a course without using your Smartphone this is still possible. It is our intention to publish new courses over the coming months - so keep an eye out for new maps and courses as they arrive!

 For those of you that want to use the Virtual Orienteering app to time yourselves - there is the facility to compare your times against others - so we will be looking to see how members get on and will look forwarding to hearing of your exploits in our face book chat group

 Is it OK to orienteering during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Please remember to stay safe when undertaking any type of orienteering - and to stay within the governments guidelines on social distancing - these courses are provided as an opportunity for us to individually (or in families) enjoy a small bit of our sport again.

We hope that you enjoy the ability to use these maps, but please be mindful of your own health and others, we ask that you will:

  • heed the current government restrictions for example if you have a pre-existing medical condition
  • keep yourself safe, but also be aware and keep any members of the general public safe, so hand washing is important and do consider this as technical training not a race - always give people you encounter 2m of space - if you need to divert or stop and wait, please do so
  • support the government’s efforts to manage the infection. Consider any journey carefully, avoid public transport and don't undertake excessive travel

Locations and types of course available

To access any of our VO courses listed below, open your app on your mobile phone and select Usynligo events and put in the search button MWOC and it will come up with all our events. Select the one you want to do and it will come up with a list of the available courses for that particular area.

We have uploaded courses at the following locations:

Ynyslas, sand dunes, near Borth

Nash Woods, wooded area, near Presteigne

Gilwern Hill, open common land, near Howey

The Begwns, open common land, near Painscastle

Aberedwr Rocks, open common land, near Builth Wells

Penglais Woods, small wooded area, Aberystwyth

Blaenmelindwr, open hillside with lake, near Ponterwyd

Downloadable Documents

How to create training courses or races using Usyn

UsynligO how to print your own map

how to download and install UsynligO

Hints and tips on using the UsynligO app

Going out on a run with UsynligO

10th Jul 20  by Terry Smith