VOC’s using Maprun


Mid Wales Orienteering Club (MWOC) has prepared several courses which offer a new dimension in running, jogging or walking.  Rather than following the same route every day, challenge yourself to visit any number of checkpoint locations and return back to the starting point.

The MapRunF (version 4.8.8) Smartphone App is free and will automatically load the course, record your visit and keep a record of the time taken and the route taken.  Access to details is available to everybody’s trips made along the course. 

Come back and repeat OR try different routes next time.

MapRunF has no infrastructure on the ground – all you need is a Smartphone.  This shows where the course starts, controls and finish are located.  Many people also use a map print of the course, but this is not essential.  If your phone will allow the app to “run in the background” this will allow the Smartphone to be placed in the pocket and should beep and change the map control circle from red to green when the point is reached.  If it doesn’t then the phone has probably gone to sleep and needs wakening.

You are responsible for your own safety in undertaking this activity. 

MWOC, British Orienteering and the Landowners do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained within this document.

Don’t forget the Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing.

So load up the MapRun App and look for nearby courses.  Courses near Aberystwyth are:

Parc Natur Penglais (PNP) and Pwll Crwn

Dolerw Park, Newtown

Your results and route taken are available on the phone at the end of the run.

All results are on MapRun Console at https://www.p.fne.com.au/

Many thanks to Pat Mcleod of MGOC for giving help on setting up the system locally.

For further information look at the following websites:



or email Robert Griffiths, Mid Wales MapRun Local Administrator

10th Jul 20  by Terry Smith