Coed Allt Goch

Coed Allt Goch ,

Date of event: Sun 19th Jan 2020
Level of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Llanidloes


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The event will be held within the Community Woodland  at Llanidloes which is adjacent to the road leading towards the golf club.

We will give you a detailed map showing the area, with checkpoints marked on, which must be visited in order. The person who visits all checkpoints and returns in the quickest time is the winner - simple. If you aren't super-competitive then no need to rush - it's just you versus the course, get around some delightful countryside and enjoy yourself.

Cross-country runner? Why not be adventurous and leave the paths and trails behind and actually go "cross-country" - through the mud, between the trees, over the rocks, and up and down the hills. 

Think you'd get lost? Don't worry! We have experienced volunteers on hand to offer adhoc training and guidance, and offer a range of different courses from complete beginner up to life-long navigator!

All standards are welcome - beginners, newcomers, children, groups, families can all come and join us - you don't have to be a club member (though if you are bringing a large group please let us know in advance so we know to expect you - and arrive closer to the beginning if you think you may be out for a long time). If you aren't sure what to do, look out for someone wearing an 'Ask me for help' hi-vis.

Yellow Course - use simple linear features like paths, walls and streams with the controls visible from the linear feature. They are suitable for newcomers, under 12’s and family groups.

The Orange course - planned for developing navigation skills, e.g. cutting corners and venturing off path a small distance.

The Light Green course - ideal for improvers with increasing navigational challenge.

The Blue course - plenty of ascent, "navigationally challenging" so will be a full-brain and full-body workout!

The terrain is mixed woodland with variable run ability on a fairly steep slope.  There is a good network of paths which are followed on the easiest course and assist navigation on the harder courses.  Courses have been planned to go across the slope where possible and minimise the climb.



  • Planner: Robert Griffiths
  • Organiser: Robert Griffiths
  • Controller:

Info for dog owners

Dogs are allowed but must be kept on the lead, remember this is a public woodland therefore please pick up any mess your dog makes.


Nearest facilities are in the town.

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Coed Allt Goch ,

Coed Allt Goch


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Posted by Terry Smith