Family Come and Try It and Score Event


Date of event: Sun 02nd Jul 2017
Level of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Newtown


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This is a Family "Come and Try It" fun day with two courses available, Yellow and Orange. The courses have been planned with "Beginners" in mind, so any one new to the sport is advised to do the Yellow. If you completed that course successfully, then why not have a go on the Orange course?

In addition, there will be two Score events on offer. Namely, either a 30 minutes or a 60 minutes score event. At Registration declare which one you are going for, then the choice of controls to visit is up to you as there is no set order (bearing in mind that differing controls have different points values - there are more points allocated to a control that is further away from the Start/Finish!). Remember, if you finish over your time limit you get penalised 10 points for every minute over. Likewise, if you manage to get all the controls and are under the specified time limit you get Bonus points (10pts for every minute under the time), so remember to wear a watch!

Clothing: bring a jacket in case of wet weather! Footware - trainers should be fine, as the courses are mostly on paths.


Costs (includes Hire of a Dibber, normally £1.00):

Adults: £5.00 each

Juniors (under 21): £3.00 each

Family: £10.00

2nd Course: £2.00

MWOC Members: Adults £3.00 and Juniors £1.50

Car Park fee: £2.50 .



Part of the courses will go along a quiet Estate road, so please be aware of any traffic. there is an area marked on the map as "Out of Bounds" (red diagonal lines). This is a old walled garden where the walls have been deemed unsafe. Please give this a wide birth.

Be aware of seasonal vegetation and potential slippery conditions underfoot.

Could be a hot day (start of July), so bring plenty of water with you to avoid dehydration.

Report to the Finish to be ticked off on the Registration sheet, even if you don't complete your course.



  • Planner: Bill Marlow
  • Organiser: Bill Marlow
  • Controller:

Info for dog owners

Allowed on a lead at all times and please pick up any dog mess.


Toilets and Cafe, with hot/cold food and drinks available 10.00am - 4.00pm.

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Posted by Bill Marlow