Date of event: Sun 18th Sep 2016
Level of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Howey


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It is mainly rough open common land with patches of bracken and thicket. Although the map shows areas which are marked as undergrowth (bracken), these in some cases have been cut by the farmer and are now run able. There are quite a few areas of sessional marsh, which currently are very boggy. The photo on our website home page shows a section of the area looking east with Castle Bank hill in the background.



  • Planner: Terry Smith
  • Organiser: Terry Smith
  • Controller:

Info for dog owners

Dogs are allowed in carpark area only and must be on a lead at all times. There have been recent incidences of stray dogs killing sheep on the common therefore farmers will now take action and shoot any dog found worrying sheep, so be warned.


There are no facilities at the venue, the nearest being either in Builth Wells or Llandrindod Wells

Image of the Gilwern Hill map

About the area/map

Gilwern Hill

Read more about the Gilwern Hill area and map


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Posted by Terry Smith