Inter-County Primary Schools

Date of event: Fri 19th Jun 2015
Level of event: School
Nearest town: Machynlleth


Full Individual Results with splits

Many congratulations to all the children that took part. The full Individual results can be found by clicking above. The Team results are as follows (calculated by working out the aggregate of the fastest three pairs per county):-

White Course (Year 3/4):

1st Powys (Ffion Wigley Davies, & Morgan Hughes, Llanidloes; Edward Jones & Dylan Saunders, Forden; Llion Hamer & Rocco Jarman, Llanidloes)                   

29mins 42secs

2nd Ceredigion (Hazel McDonald, Elin Ellis, Ruby Hounslow, Llanfarean; Llion Rees Jenkins, Harri Jones, Mynach; James Raw, Catherine Lewis, Willow Thomas, Mynach)

43mins 35secs


Yellow Course (Year 5/6):

1st Powys (Tom Fowler & Jack Williams, Forden; Sophie Munro & Beck Duggan, Crossgates; Elin Fflur & Jamie Marsden Jones, Pennant)
37mins 03secs

2nd Gwynedd (Tanwen a Ffion, Tregarth; Noa a Morgan, Pont y Gof; Axel a Cynan, Brynaerau)
37mins 36secs

3rd Ceredigion (Isaac Pridmore, Owen Pugh, Cymraeg; Lotus Hicks, Gwennan Loosley, Cymraeg; Drew, Elliott. Felix, Pontrhydfendigaid)

63mins 01secs


The annual Tri County (Powys v. Ceredigion v. Gwynedd) Primary Schools competition was held on Friday 19th June centred on the Bro Ddyfi Leisure Centre, Machynlleth. It was organised by Gwynedd on a Powys area - central location for all three counties. Many thanks to Y Plas, Bro Ddyfi Leisure Centre and Machynlleth FC for giving permissions.

The competition was for Year 3/4 competing on a White Course (0.9km in length) and Yr.5/6 on a Yellow Course (1.4km).

Terrain: A mixture of parkland and woodland area. Flat and fairly fast going; training shoes are suitable.

Map: updated in 2015. Scale is 1:2500, i.e 1cm on the map = 25m. Courses on pre-marked maps. Bi-lingual Control Descriptions will be on the front of the map.

Starts will be from 11.00am onwards, allowing time to travel for all three counties.

Safety: This area is open to the public, so do not talk to strangers and stay in your pairs.

Individual results: Will be accessible from this page as soon after the event as humanly possible. I have written in to the software that if a control is missed out then a 5 min Time Penalty will automatically be added. This means that no one goes away with "Disqualified" next to their name in the results (unless they forget to Clear before the Start, or forget to Dib at the Start and/or Finish or go around in the incorrect order!), i.e. a positive result occurs.

Team results: will be calculated on the fastest three pairs times added up, per County per course. There is a trophy for the Yellow Course winners.




  • Planner: Mair Tomos of Gwynedd
  • Organiser: Mair Tomos of Gwynedd
  • Controller: Bill Marlow

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Posted by Bill Marlow