Mynydd Yr Ychen

Date of event: Sun 19th Dec 2021
Level of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Ponterwyd


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This area is part of Ty Mawr farm and varies from small fields with grazing sheep to open hill terrain for the longer courses. There are only a few tracks, with other handrails being fences, streams, and stone walls. PLEASE DONOT CLIMB FENCES – use gates or stiles. These are shown on the map and may be open or closed during the event. Some gates do not open so must be climbed at the hinged end only.DO close gates after you use them.

There are two out of bounds area on the map, please do not enter these.

Please note the following

Equipment - The club has compasses and dibbers which can be hired for the event and may require pre-booking.

Clothing - The forecast for the 19th is presently favourable. However, if it is raining then cagoules will be required.  Please carry a whistle.

Participation - Participation is at your own risk. Please download even if you do not complete your course.

Covid19 - Please follow good hygiene practices and maintain physical space between each other. Hand sanitiser will be made available for use by participants.

Please do not attend if:

  • You are unwell with a cough, fever or other respiratory symptoms
  • You have been in close contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 and you have not completed the prescribed quarantine period, even if you are completely symptom free.
  • You have returned from any overseas country which is not on the Governments exemption list until you have completed the self-quarantine period for 14 days, even if you are symptom free.
  • You are undergoing COVID-19 testing, until you have received negative results and are symptom free.
  • If you have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace because you are a contact of a known COVID-19 case, do not exercise outside your own home or garden and do not exercise with others.
  • If you have been advised to stay at home by a health professional
  • We also advise competitors who fit within the higher at-risk groups to take particular care and/or make decisions on attendance with due consideration to the risks associated with COVID-19



  • Planner: Eunice Carter-Davies
  • Organiser: Eunice Carter-Davies
  • Controller:

Info for dog owners

No dogs permitted


No facilities


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Posted by Terry Smith