Powys Schools Clusters & County Champs summaries 2015-16

Date of event: Thu 07th Apr 2016
Level of event: School
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Full individual results for John Beddoes
Full indivdual results for Llanidloes
Full individual results for Llandrindod
Full individual results for N/T & Welshpool
Full individual results for Llanfyllin
Full individual results for Bro Hyddgen
Full individual results for N Powys Championships

Team Results for John Beddoes Campus Cluster event, 22nd September 2015:-

White Course (Yr.3/4):

 1st Knighton 1hr 42mins 33secs

2nd Radnor Valley 1hr 51-07

 3rd Gladestry 2hr 49-09


Yellow Course (Yr.5/6):

1st Gladestry 1hr 43mins 12secs

 2nd Presteigne 1hr 42-55

3rd Radnor Valley 1hr 50-59

4th Knighton 2hrs 11-16

5th Whitton  3hrs 26-39


 Team Results for Llanidloes Cluster event 24th September:-

White Course (Yr.3/4):

1st Llanidloes 27mins 05secs

2nd Dyffryn Trannon 28-09
3rd Llandinam 33-51


Yellow Course (Yr.5/6):

 1st Dyffryn Trannon 56mins 37secs

2nd Llanidloes 62-40
3rd Caersws 65-49

4th Llandinam  115-25


 Team Results for Llandrindod Cluster event, 7th October:-

White Course (Yr. 3/4):

1st Dolau 66mins 20secs


Yellow Course (Yr. 5/6):

1st Crossgates 47m 56s

2nd Cefnllys 48m 20s

3rd Llanbister 49m 40s

4th Nantmel/Rhayader 79m 18s

5th Dolau 115m 09s


Team Results for Newtown & Welshpool Clustesr event, 13th October:-

White Course (Yr.3/4):

1st Guilsfield 48mins 29secs

2nd Buttington Trewern 48m 51s

3rd Rhiw Bechan 53m 45s

4th Montgomery 57m40s

5th Forden 58m 10s

6th Abermule 62m 56s


Yellow Course (Yr.5/6):

1st Montgomery 53m11s

2nd Forden 58m 12s

3rd Guilsfield 58m 15s

4th Penygloddfa 62m 17s

5th Rhiw Bechan 64m 26s

6th Buttington Trewern 66m 32s

7th Treowen 79m 26s

8th Abermule 107m38s


Team Results for Llanfyllin Clustesr event, 18th October:-

Yellow Course Yr. 5/6):

1st Pennant 45 mins 25 secs

2nd Llanfyllin 45m 51s

3rd Llanrhaeadr 47m 47s

4th Llansantffraid 48m 56s

5th Bro Cynllaith 56m 17s

6th Llangedwyn 77m 18s


Team Results for Bro Hyddgen Clustesr event, 20th October:-

White Course (Yr.3/4):

1st Ysgol Bro Hyddgen 17 mins 30 secs

2nd Glantwymyn 21m 20s

3rd Llanbrynmair 31m 07s


Yellow Course (Yr.5/6):

1st Glantwymyn 31m 05s

2nd Llanbrynmair 31m 52s

3rd Carno 68m 40s


Team Results for the N.Powys Championships, 4th February

White Course (Yr.3/4):

1st Buttington - Trewern 40 mins 38 secs

2nd Rhiw Bechan 47m 16s

3rd Llanidloes 53m 55s

4th Guilsfield 61m 56s

5th Montgomery 65m 52s


Yellow Course (Yr.5/6):

1st Rhiw Bechan 62m 14s

2nd Montgomery 77m 14s

3rd Penygloddfa 78m 49s

4th Guilsfield 87m 33s

5th Llanidloes 98m 55s

6th Llanfyllin 101m 57s

7th Llanraeadr 122m 37s


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