Tri County Primary Schools

Date of event: Fri 27th Jun 2014
Level of event: School
Nearest town: Llanidloes


Full Individual results with splits
Fun Score event

Many congratulations to all the children that took part. The full Individual results can be found by clicking above. The Team results are as folllows:-

Yellow Course:

1st Gwynedd 78mins 13secs

2nd Powys 83mins 44secs

3rd Ceredigion 93mins 51secs


White Course:

1st Ceredigion 64mins 16secs

2nd Powys 67mins 54secs


This year’s event took place at Coedwig Hafren (Hafren Forest) on Friday 27th June, hosted by Powys Sports Development and Mid Wales Orienteering Club, with first starts from 10.30am onwards. Thanks to Natural Resources, Wales (formerly the Forestry Commission) for allowing us to use this splendid forest. The event assembly will be based at the Rhyd Y Benwch Car Park and Picnic Area (Grid Reference: SN 857869), Coedwig Hafren (Hafren Forest), with toilets available. Please bring your own drinks, food (picnic tables available) and First Aid kit.

The event is for pupils in Years 5 & 6 (who will compete on a Yellow course - Technical Difficulty 2 and 2.980 kilometres in length with a 50 metre climb).  Years 3 & 4 (who will compete on a White course - Technical Difficulty 1 and 1.870 km in length with a 40m climb). Children may compete in teams of either 2 or 3.

County Team Managers need to send me their entries by Monday 23rd June (or earlier) on the Spreadsheet sent to them. Please indicate if there are any entered that will be using their own Si Card (aka Dibber) by supplying their Dibber numbers.

The maps will be printed on waterproof paper, with bi-lingual Control Descriptions on the back. The map scale wil be at 1:5000, i.e. 1cm om the map + 50metres on the ground.

Timing will be using Sportident’s Si electronic system – see downloadable sheet below for helpful information on this.

Safety - at some point on both courses the children will have to go on a very quiet Forest road, please do not run down the middle of the road but keep to the side as there may be the very occasional vehicle travelling along. Before crossing to the other side of the road look and listen. The whole area is used by the public, so tell the children that they may encounter cyclists, someone walking their dog or just ambling along - don't talk to strangers.

At Download, do not touch the generator and beware of tripping on the guy ropes.

First Aid – Please bring your own First Aid box (possible scratches or cuts being the most likely ailments!). Llanidloes War Memorial Hospital (Minor Injuries) SY18 6HF.

At the Finish
Don’t forget to dib at the Finish then go to the Download tent located at Assembly. Remember that any lost dibbers will be charged at the replacement cost of £30.00 – make sure you get you names ticked off as you Download.

Key to success
On both courses, orientating the map is vital for good and fast navigation and equally important is to know where you are on the map/ground at all times. A compass may be used but is not essential.

Results: Each pair or 3 will get a results tear-off slip at Download with their names, school and Course etc on. For the Team result, the fastest three pairs per County will be aggregated to find the winning team per course. I will display the full results on this website later that day.

Score event: A 25 minutes Score event will be on offer after the main event. It will not count towards the Team Results, but will be open to all competitors.

The first and essential thing is that any competitor(s) should wear a watch!!

The idea is that competitors visit as many controls as possible within the maximum time limit of 25 minutes and in any order. Controls will have different point values depending on distance from the Start/Finish and there is a penalty for each minute late. For each minute over the set time, a 10 pts penalty will automatically be deducted at Download. Likewise, if a competitor manages to get all the controls in under the time limit, then there are Bonus points - for every minute under the set time a 10 pts bonus is added. The competitor with the most points is the winner.




  • Planner: Bill Marlow
  • Organiser: Bill Marlow, Terry Smith and Katie Hamer
  • Controller: Terry Smith

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Toilets available; pincic area + tables.


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Posted by Bill Marlow