Date of event: Sun 19th Jun 2022
Level of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Pontarfynach


Results with splits

Terrain: A mixture of pasture fields, woodland and open hillside. There are sheep in some of the fields, so try not to scare them. Most gates are closed, please leave them as you find them. Some of the gates can be opened and closed after you, others are locked can be climbed at the hinge end. There are also stiles in the area which are included as crossing points on the map. Fences should only be crossed at the gates or stiles, crossing them elsewhere is NOT permitted.The terrain is steep in places with patches of gorse and emerging bracken. There are some paths through the area which are shown on the map(not all of these have been checked for accessibility). Take time to appreciate the skyline views from the top in the planned sunny weather.The caravan park is visible from most of the event area for use a safety bearing/ relocating



  • Planner: Eunice Carter
  • Organiser: Eunice Carter
  • Controller:

Info for dog owners

Dogs are not permitted on the courses as this is a working sheep farm.


Toilet facilities are 100m from start/finish - no muddy shoes please.


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Posted by Terry Smith