Ynys Las 2018


Date of event: Sun 18th Nov 2018
Level of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Ynyslas


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This event is organised by Mid Wales Orienteering Club with kind permission from NRW. It is open to everyone, so come and give orienteering a go!
Ideal for all ages and abilities, in search of outdoor adventure with courses from 1k to 5k, for runners, walkers and also for families with children! Loads of help is aviailble from our friendly Welcome Team and no experience is necessary.

New to orienteering? It's a trail walk/run (and often an off-trail run!) with a difference - an orienteering race doesn't follow a set route. Instead you have to visit a series of checkpoints and register each one with an electronic timing chip. The checkpoints are marked by flags on the ground and may be along paths, fences, earth banks, streams or anywhere in the woods or around the woods. The challenge is to race between each one, choosing your own route between the checkpoints, using a special orienteering map (which you get to keep too). Why not come and give it a go?

Parking on the beach at Ynyslas, registration and start on the south side of the visitor centre.

Are you up to the navigation challenge?  A great path network and fantastic contour detail showing the shapes of the dunes with open sand areas marked. Fantastic views from the highest dunes along the coast  and over the Dyfi estuary if you take the time to look. Great cafes and pubs in Borth or the lovely Clettwr for refuelling after you course for a great day out.

Course information
Yellow – 1.7km (Beginners)
Orange – 2.0km (Novices)
Light Green – 3.8km (Improvers)
Green - 3.9km (Experienced)
Blue – 4.5 km (Experienced)
Brown - 5.4km (Experienced)
Registration from 10.00 – 11.30
Starts - 10.30 to 12.00
Courses close at 13.00
Entry Details
Enter on the day at registration. Entry fees are as follows:
MWOC members – Adults £3.00, Juniors £1.50
BOF members – Adults £5.00, Juniors £2.50
Non members – Adults £7.00, Juniors £3.00
Family groups welcome to share a map and pay per map/dibber.
You can enter a child or children and the adults can accompany them for free!

Hire of dibbers £1.00
Info for dog owners
Dogs under control are welcome. Please take particular care inside the fenced enclosure where there are sheep grazing and be aware it is a popular area with dog walkers.

Planner: Gabriella Walsh,  MWOC
Organiser: Gabriella Walsh, MWOC

Controller: Kate O'Sullivan
Please ask if you would like any help choosing which course to do. It is best to choose an easier course to start with if you are new to orienteering. The distance is the straight line between controls on the map but the actual distance you cover will be longer depending on your route choices.
Yellow Courses use simple linear features like paths, walls and streams with the controls visible from the linear feature. They are suitable for newcomers, under 12’s and family groups.

Orange Courses progress to basic use of the compass and route choice. There are line features to follow including paths, walls, fences and streams but with the option to cut corners. They are ideal for novice adults or experienced youngsters.

Light Green Courses are ideal for improvers as the navigational difficulty begins to increase and uses simple contours and ‘point’ features away from linear features. Learning how to use contours, compass, distance estimation and route choice. Planned with a ‘collecting linear feature’ beyond the control to help you if you overshoot and go too far.

Green, Blue and Brown Courses are more physically and technically demanding course using interpretation of contours, recognition of indistinct features, concentration over long distance.



  • Planner: Gabriella Walsh
  • Organiser: Gabriella Walsh
  • Controller: Kate O'Sullivan

Info for dog owners

Dogs under control are welcome. Please be aware there are a few sheep in the central fenced area which all courses will go through. The fenced area is marked on the map and access is through gates or stiles.


Public Toilets in Borth opposite the turning to the railway station.

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Posted by Terry Smith