Contribution to P.E. & School Sport in Powys

Awards ceromony 2018,

The following article appeared in the Annual Sports Personality Awards 2017 handout given out at the presentation evening last Thursday evening at Theatre Brycheiniog. Support for this award was given by Gabriella Walsh in the way of a video clip, which was shown at the awards ceremony.                                  

                                        Terry Smith Orienteering

Contributes to over 1000 pupils accessing orienteering annually spread across seven different events all over Powys. This works out just under 142 pupils per event. Terry also voluntarily provides orienteering skills sessions for any school who requires them as well as staff mentoring and training. Terry has raised the standard and interest of orienteering across the County.

By Elin Wozencraft

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Awards ceromony 2018,

Awards ceromony 2018

27th Apr 18  by Terry Smith