Hafren Happy Hour

Hafren Blue course Map,

A big thankyou to Robert for planning the event at Hafren Forest today! Results are up on the MWOC website. Well done all - some challenging terrain out there...and the deepest moss that nearly swallowed Alice!! Thanks to Steve and Ieuan on download and registration and to Kate, Daniel, Michael, Gabriella, Terry, Bev, Mark, Alice, Mike, Clive & Robert for making short work of collecting controls and everyone else who helped out today! The travellers rest in Llanidloes was a great place to compare splits and discuss plans for our next event - a Welsh League event at Gwanas on Saturday afternoon 7th Oct. We are also organising the Junior Home Internationals between Scotland Ireland England & Wales over that weekend with the Individual races on the morning of Sat 7th Oct and the JHI relay races on the morning of Sun 8th Oct. Hope we will see you at the Welsh League event! If anyone would like to help out at the JHI events and join in the excitement we would love to hear from you too!

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Hafren Blue course Map,

Hafren Blue course Map

Travellers rest!,

Travellers rest!

10th Sep 17  by gabriella walsh