All Wales Scout Competition 2018

Date of event: Sun 23rd Sep 2018
Level of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Presteigne Powys

The fifth All Wales Scouts Orienteering competition will be held on Sunday the 23rd September 2018. The competition is open to Scouts and Explorer Scouts only. Again we are opening the courses to Leaders and Helpers if they wish to give Orienteering a try, but obviously the entries will not be included in the competition although times will be given for any course completed.

The venue this year will again be in Nash Woods, Presteigne but a different area from previous occasions. The area is a heavily wooded hill with numerous features presenting a different aspect to how you use your navigational skills and ability to read a map.  

There will be three courses, Yellow, Orange and Light Green, each progressively harder than the first. The Yellow course is for Scouts only. The Orange and Light Green course can be entered by Scouts or Explorer Scouts. In accordance with normal practice Scouts under the age of 12 must run in pairs as a safety requirement (the only exception being if the scout is a member of an orienteering club). Scouts entering the Light Green course must be experienced Orienteer's and must run on their own.

Prizes will be given to the first 3 individuals with the fastest times on each course with one team prize for the overall team winner of each course. The Orange and Light Green course will have two sets of prizes for both Scouts and Explorer's. Winning teams will be calculated on the fastest accumulative times of the first three runners to finish. Teams will need to have at least 3 runners to be eligible for a team prize.


Orienteering in simplistic terms is like a treasure hunt where you are given a map and compass and then have to navigate to the treasure which in this case is an orienteering control kite. There are several controls (between 10 and 14), which you have to navigate to in the correct sequence. Each competitor will be issued with a dibber (an electronic sensor), which records the controls visited, the time taken to each control and the total time taken to do the course. It also validates that a competitor has not only visited the control but has done them in the right sequence.

The Yellow and Orange courses are mainly on and or just off pathways and do not require any previous orienteering knowledge. But you will need to know how to use a compass in order to be able to orientate a map to the ground. Orientating a map is simply lining the map up with magnetic north; this then allows you to navigate correctly in the right direction. The Light Green on the other hand requires greater navigational skills using a compass as the controls are not on line features (paths, fences and walls etc.)

If you would like to see the map of the area where the competition is taking place and also familiarise yourself with the map legend then go to this link for details: and click on the map to see full version.



The location of the event will be Nash Woods (grid ref. SO 316635), which is to the west of Presteigne town. The terrain is mainly wooded with conifer and deciduous trees situated on a hill which runs the length of the area, with steep sections in places. The ridge of the hill runs west to east with the north side in Wales and the south side in England. The conifer areas are covered in brashings (small cut branches), which makes running difficult; the deciduous areas have varying degrees of undergrowth. The area has a number of forestry tracks and quite a few pathways, which act as good line features providing the orienteer the ability to relocate (establish where they are on the map).


Directions will be forthcoming in the next few months once permission have been given for access to the forest.

Entry and Cost

Entry is by submission of spreadsheet attached, which needs to be completed for each Scout Group and returned with payment no later than the Friday 14th September 2018 to the following address, Terry Smith, Formosa, Franksbridge, Llandrindod Wells LD1 5SA. Please make cheques payable to Mr. T.B. Smith:

The cost per competitor is £7.00, which includes a waterproof coloured map and the hire of a dibber.

No late entries will be accepted as maps have to be printed for each competitor and dibber numbers allocated against each name, which are then entered onto the database. This process is very time consuming and must be done before the competition.

Entry form


As the area is some way from any public conveniences, portaloos will be provided.  Refreshments etc., may be available this will be confirmed at a later date.


The start time will be from 11.00am until 1.00pm, the course will close at 2.30pm. Anyone who hasn’t finished by then must return directly to the finish. These times may need to be adjusted once we know how many competitors have entered the competition. Because there is a minute delay between competitors starting, time slots will be allocated to each group to avoid congestion and unnecessary hanging around at the start. Once we have the spreadsheets back and worked out the number of competitors who have entered, we can then let you have your estimated time slot for your group. To endeavour in helping you with your travel arrangements could you let us know a preferred time (e.g. 11.00-11.15am) slot and if we can, we will fit you in to the nearest slot available.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the competition; the actual time will be determined by the last runner finishing.


The only equipment you will need is a compass. Clothing, as it is a running sport suitable running shoes should be worn ideally with a sole profile suitable for off road running but this not essential. Leg covering (tracksters etc.) must be worn to avoid minor scratches from vegetation and the possibility of picking up ticks in the undergrowth.  

Risk Assessment

A full risk assessment has been carried out and will be updated nearer the time to reflect any relevant changes.

Further Information

If you require any further information please contact Terry Smith at There will also be a link available on the Mid Wales Orienteering website giving further details and any updates.

In addition to the entry form, attached is a set of explanatory notes as to the use of SI cards (dibbers). Dibbers are an electronic device which not only records the controls which are visited but also the time it has taken to each control and also provides the final finishing time for each competitor.

SI cards (dibbers)

Although this is a competition there is no reason why you cannot just come along and enjoy the fun of orienteering, so rather than run it just walk around and gain the experience of map reading at a more leisurely pace.

Download the flyer & share the details within your Scout Groups




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