Allt y Crib 2019

Date of event: Sun 15th Dec 2019
Level of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Talybont


Full splits

Congratulations to all those rising to the challenge of today's event.Results are up on the website and dates for next years' events will be on the website very soon. Some challenging controls to find and everything from sunshine to hail to add to the experience. Great to include a small extension of a new area - many thanks to all landowners for permission, Thanks Kate for planning the event at Allt yr Crib and to Dafydd & Hannah on registration and download and thanks to all those helping out and collecting controls - Clive, Mike & Robert. The Black Lion did us proud with a fabulous meal afterwards.  (Phil having had 4 Christmas dinners in 5 days gave it the thumbs up as best yet!)

Congratulations to the winners of the MWOC League 2019

Yellow 1st Tali Lee McPherson, 2nd= Lleucu Griffiths James, 2nd= Hazel McDonald

Orange 1st Davy McDonald, 2nd Hazel McDonald, 3rd Rebecca Clarke

Light Green 1st Andrew King, 2nd Myra Wilson, 3rd Rowen King

Blue 1st Kate O'Sullivan, 2nd Robert Griffiths, 3rd Eunice Carter


Today's event will be included in the MWOC League 2020 - join the club for 2020 to be included in the club league - you can join via the British Orienteering website.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!



We have not been back here since before the terrible eastern winds nearly two years ago. There is a lot of windblow dotted about, and it gives us more green vegetation than we could previously boast on this map. Courses avoid these, although some courses may encounter some trees lying across paths, and there are fairly obvious well-trodden circumventions or traverses navigating these obstacles. These fallen trees are marked on the map.

Otherwise, the area offers some lovely path running, and there are a number of faint, unmarked paths following contour lines through the forest, some animal tracks and some local mountain biker-made. The woods are in sleep mode, so expect lots of leaf and twig-crunching underfoot. There are numerous open levels where lead seams were mined, and these are encircled by fencing for the most part, or marked with tape. Please do not investigate these as some are very deep indeed.

Some of the longer courses will run over farmland adjacent to the woodland. There are cattle and sheep grazing here, and they keep to themselves. It is advisable not to run through groups of animals, but rather, stay peripheral. Each field has several access points. Where relevant, crossing points will be marked, particularly coming in and out of the woods, and there are numerous gates mapped. There are some impressive views of the sea to the north and west from these fields.



  • Planner: Kate O'Sullivan
  • Organiser: Kate O'Sullivan
  • Controller:

Info for dog owners

In view of the presence of livestock, no dogs will be permitted on the longer courses. There will be a Long Orange course for runners and those with dogs to get the maximum enjoyment out of the woodland trails, and the yellow course will be confined to the woodland also.


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Posted by Terry Smith