Date of event: Sun 15th Jun 2014
Level of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Penrhyncoch


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Blaenmelindwr is an open hillside flanking the deep cwm of Nant yr Arian to the west. The area is gently contoured over the top, and cut through with several paths, some of which are subtle.

The land falls away very steeply toward the nant itself, and the perspective along this flank is very fine. Some of the longer courses will make use of the runnability offered by the leats that cut along it, and the exciting stream features here are not to be missed. To the western edge of the area, there is a deep crevasse cradling remnants of the lead mines that resulted in the preponderance of chapels in neighbouring Cwmerfyn and Cwmsymlog. The courses will, of course, avoid these mines, and concentrate instead on the numerous crag and hill features, and couple of small lakes dotted about with plenty of runnability on sheep tracks amidst the heather and bilberry plants.

Of ancient historic interest is Carn Dolgau, sited just east of the lower reaches of the crevasse. It's only 15m wide. See if you can find it.



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Posted by Terry Smith