Coed Maenarthur

Date of event: Sun 22nd Jan 2012
Level of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Pont-rhyd-y-groes


Results & Spilts

Coed Maenarthur was the venue for the first Club event of the new League and year.

Fay and Zoe did a fabulous job as Planners (with a little bit of tweaking from mum and dad). All the competitors seemed to enjoy themselves with some of the Juniors couldn't get enough and did a second courses! Fortunately, the weather remained dry throughout the morning. Yes, there were a couple of errors but these were resolved tweaking the software.

For some it meant their first year in a new Age Class. This must be one of the few sports where you actually look forward to moving up an Age Class!

There were some really very encouraging results. Our GB Junior Squad member, Megan, tore around the Blue course followed closely by Fay and Clive, with promising performances from Peter and Tudor (who was making his debut on Blue). The Light Green was headed by two of our Juniors Joe and Callum; whilst William, Dafydd and Natasha were dominant on the Orange course. Finally, relative newcomers shone on the Yellow with Emily, Lily (IND) and Nia filling the first three places, with young Daisy next.

Many thanks to all the willing collectors of controls. The job is made easier and quicker if many help, though on this ocassion some were over-eager!

The Results have now been adjusted to allow for the fact that some of the controls were collected in before a few competitors had "dibbed". Perhaps, the moral of the story is to arrive and start earlier if you are doing the Blue course in future!!

The next event is a first for POW - David Pal is Planning a "Night" event in February - see the Broneirion event for further info - don't forget to bring a torch!



Well, many thanks to Fay & Zoe for planning yesterday's event, ably assisted by Steve & Gabriella,  It was a great event to kick start the year, weather was mild & the raging gale  in Powys was hardly noticed down in the depths of the Ystwyth valley.  .

The blue course was well planned with lots of variety of features., Luckily the brambles had abated and the full body armour was in most cases not necessary!  Running through the winter woodland was a delight for most of the time, good running with not too many of the pesky brambles around!  There was a bit of a sting in the tail, with the steep climb up to controls 11 & 12 towards the end!   Haribo rations were dangerously low by then! Most of the finshing times on the blue course were pretty fast, many being around the 60 mins mark, but Megan sprinted round in an amazing 48 mins!  Tudor had a fast 58 miins and for a long time was the front runner, especially impressive as for his first blue course.  Watch out for next time!
The Thomas family exclusively bagged the winning times on the light green, orange and yellow courses with all the family winning their courses.  Well done to all.

After the controll collection (over enthusiastically done by some!)  we all met up at the Hafod Hotel in Devil's Bridge for the annual meal & prize giving.  The food was good, but was a long time in coming,and those who hadn't ordered starters were beginning to look very enviously on those who had!  Daisy had the good idea taht Gabriella should do her official bits & hand out the shiny,prestigiuous trophies while we were waiting for the puddings to arrive.  Congratulations to all those who were awarded them, the first 3 winners on each course, They were all enthusiastically received along with a tray full of ice cream sundaes arriving at the same time!

The meal rounded off a great day's orienteering & much thanks must go to Fay & Zoe for their planning - I'll look forward to their next one!

See you in Feb.





  • Planner: Fay and Zoe Walsh
  • Organiser: Steve and Gabriella Walsh
  • Controller: Steve and Gabriella Walsh

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About the area/map

Coed Maenarthur

Steep Forestry Commission woodland with crags and contour features in abundance, approximately 2000 meters long by 800 meters wide. Bordered on its southern area by a river which runs along ite entire length.

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Posted by Bill Marlow