Gilwern Hill Score event

Date of event: Sun 29th Apr 2012
Level of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Howey Powys


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Hope you've all recoverd & dried out!  Please don't send me the bill for all the laundry. Our house resembles a 19th C  washday!  I'm just glad everyone got back safely from the run, some even seemed to enjoy it, must be gluttons for punishment!  I think we have a  new variety to add to the orienteering glossary - 'welly - O'!  This can go along with Swim - O'  as some of the various activities tried out by POW!  Who would have thought late April would bring such atrocious conditions.  It was only 3C up there today, the hills round by us have a coating of snow on thier tops!

Many, many, many thanks to all those brave souls who, after having dried out & changed, offered (were persuaded) to venture out again to bring in the controls.  Nobody turnned down my request & most were even quite cheerful about it!  Really going above & beyond the call of duty!  Congratulations to Megan & Stuart who had the most points on the 45 & 60 min courses respectively, and also Ant who had the same number of points but was narrowly beater by Stuart on time.  Must have been the wellies that did it!

Thanks to Bill for gettting the results up so quickly, and for sorting out all the stuff in Llandod.  Also thanks to Terry & Bev for allowing me use of their car as a warm & sheltered registration & download area.  I think the tent would have been over the Atlantic by now, if we'd tried to erect it!

Have a good week,




  • Planner: Sarah Rees
  • Organiser: Sarah Rees
  • Controller:



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Posted by Terry Smith