Date of event: Sun 20th Sep 2015
Level of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Llanidloes


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All of the (hopefully) great courses on offer enjoy interesting ‘interactions’ with the River Severn, which rises on the slopes of Plynlimon to the west of the forest and begins to get some of its energy as it flows down through the forest. For those of you with your own energy to spare after the event, there is a waymarked walk all the way to the source of the Severn from the forest which you can enjoy. Or you can return via Llanidloes and enjoy the local cafes and hostelries..


The area is mainly conifer woodland with interesting path and drainage networks




  • Planner: Thomas family
  • Organiser: Thomas family
  • Controller: Thomas family

Info for dog owners

Dogs under control are welcome


There are public toilets at the main carpark.


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Posted by Terry Smith