Nant yr Arian

Date of event: Sun 07th Oct 2012
Level of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Ponterwyd


Nant y Arian 2012 Full set of results

Nant yr Arain is a coniferous forest with only a few open clearings, and lots of linear (north-south) paths and tracks. It is perched on a ridge with some steep inclines, and as such, there is inescapable climbing involved on all the courses. The forest areas are mostly quite runnable, although some parts have remained undisturbed for some time and have acquired that deep-wooded feel, all moss and darkness. Previously felled trees lie hidden in the undergrowth in these areas and obscure paths in places. There should be some good mushrooms growing there by October. 
A long orange course option is included for those who want to run fast without the difficulties of technical orienteering; I am hoping this will attract some runners, but will be fun for anyone who finishes their usual course with more in their legs, and offers some nice views of the area.




  • Planner: Kate O'Sullivan
  • Organiser: Kate O'Sullivan
  • Controller:

Info for dog owners

Dogs are allowed under control


There are no facilities at the start, the nearest toilets would be at Nant yr Arain visitors centre.

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Nant Y Arian

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Posted by Terry Smith