Date of event: Sun 13th Jul 2014
Level of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Ponterwyd


Results and splits

Maesnant is at 368 metres above sea level. The area can be exposed to extreme weather at any time of the year.

In the event of such weather, the carrying or wearing of cagoules may be made compulsory.

The carrying of whistles will be compulsory. Full body cover is recommended, the area is grazed by sheep and ticks could be around. The terrain is open, tussocky, with rock, contour and marsh features and is very heavy going underfoot, especially quite close to Maesnant on Bryn y Beddau. The short courses are compromised somewhat by the scarcity of suitable line features and all courses are affected by the slow going and substantial climb. Course lengths are relatively short as a consequence.

Having said all this, if the weather stays as it is now a week before the event, then hopefully everyone can enjoy the spirit of place of Pumlumon



  • Planner: Mike Kay
  • Organiser: Mike Kay
  • Controller:

Info for dog owners

As already mentioned the area is grazed by sheep and the usual considerations have to apply.
Dogs must be kept under control / supervision at all times.


The nearest are at the filling station in Ponterwyd.


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Posted by Terry Smith