The Point

Date of event: Sat 23rd Jun 2012
Level of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Llanidloes


Full results + Splits.

It was unfortunate that other events clashed with this in the end (Across Wales Walk & JIRCS). However a number of keen POWs turned up despite the bad weather forecast. It was actually a nice afternoon in the end and the majority enjoyed their runs on David's well thought out courses on this new, technically easy but physically demanding area.

Terry brought along a sample new tent (it took Terry, David and myself 5-10 mins max to put up), which proved very popular with all attending.

Many thanks to those that helped collect in the controls afterwards and to newcomer Imogen Lloyd who helped out on the Start with David, offering advice to the younger competitors.

Full results and splits are displayed - any mistakes let me know.




  • Planner: David Pal
  • Organiser: Bill Marlow
  • Controller: Bill Marlow

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The Point

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Posted by Bill Marlow