Broneirion Night

Date of event: Sat 11th Feb 2012
Level of event: Local (D)
Nearest town: Llandinam


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POW Night Event
Broneirion, Llandinam
Saturday 11th February 2012.

Thank you to those of you who came to this event. Despite the small numbers I enjoyed preparing this event and it helped that the evening was dry and not too cold. Both courses criss-crossed the map, as part of the plan had been to make you concentrate on leg planning. Planning in ocad does sometimes look a bit different when the actual maps are printed. This did affect the numbering of control 21 on the green

The date was restricted by my availability when half way through winter the event got the go-ahead. I appreciate that quite a few club members were kind enough to let me know they were unable to come but would have liked to.

Many thanks to Malcolm Reynolds who manned the road crossing and Nick Jessop and all at Broneirion for their help and support that allowed this event to go ahead.





  • Planner: David Pal
  • Organiser: David Pal
  • Controller:

Image of the Broneirion map

About the area/map


Broneirion is a small residence with adjacent gardens that is owned by the Girl Guide Association. It is made up of a country house with small terraced grassed areas, garden buildings, car parking area and small areas of trees many of which are individually mapped. There is an adjacent flat open field that is used for camping across a country lane from the main Broneirion site that we are also using. Ordinarily Broneirion is not suitable for a regular orienteering event due to its small size but using the area at night adds to the challenge.
Map is 1:1500 (yes 1cm on the map equals 15metres on the ground approximately). Magnetic north correct as of 2009. Map surveyed 2009 to 2011 by Robert Griffiths.


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Posted by Terry Smith