Ffridd Mathrafal

Date of event: Sun 20th Nov 2011
Level of event: Regional (B)
Nearest town: Meifod


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Yvette Baker Trophy results

Map: 1:10000 5-colour A4 map on waterproof paper. The current map is based on the Garri Owen 1990 map with survey and cartography updates by Rod Postlethwaite of WRE in 2008 and minor revisions by Bill Marlow in 2011.

Clothing: Cagoule are advised as the weather could be bad at this time of year.

The inaugural Welsh round of the Yvette Baker Trophy competition is to be hosted by Mid Wales Orienteers.

Around a year ago it was mooted within WOA that the Welsh Clubs should hold a competition for Juniors – to be called Cwpan Y Ddraig (The Dragon Cup). Back in June, Mark Saunders (Junior Squad Coach) asked David Pal and me if we would be happy to tag this on to the POW Local event designated for the 20th November at Ffridd Mathrafal, near Meifod. The event would have to become a “Regional” event, with the addition of a Green course to our normal four courses of Yellow, Orange, Light Green and Blue. This we agreed to, with Mark acting as Controller as it is a Regional event.

What is the Yvette Baker Trophy competition (YBT) you may well ask?

As already stated, it is a competition for Juniors M/W10 up to and including M/W18s. These Juniors can choose to run any one of the four courses (regardless of their age (M/W10 up to M/W18s) Yellow, Orange, Light Green and Green. However, the one restriction is that only M/W10 to M/W14s are allowed to run on the Yellow course. Junior Boys and Junior Girls are scored separately on each of the 4 courses, giving 8 classes in total. The winner in each class scores 100 points; second place 99; third place 98; then 97, 96, etc. down to 0. Each club counts its 9 highest scores from across all 8 classes to produce its total points, subject to:

  • a maximum of 3 counters in any one class, e.g. Yellow Boys, Orange Girls.
  • a maximum of 4 counters on any one course, i.e. Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Green.

The winning Club will go through to represent Wales in the Final in December.

An insight in to the event organisation:

All our Helpers are now in place (Registration, on the Start, Parking, Greeta Meeta personnel and Download/Results). The courses are finalised (David and I started our “provisional” planning back in February (!) and over the last couple of months have tweaked the courses here and there following input from Mark) and have been sent to Terry for printing on to A4 waterproof paper. So far there are over 70 entries for the Junior courses. David and I will be spending most of Saturday putting out the controls. So, any help after the event in collecting in the controls will be very much appreciated.

Just to add that Jenny Dingle, one of our six UK Coaches, will be on hand from 10.00-11.00am on Sunday to offer Coaching and/or advice to any Beginners. Jenny will be found at the Registration/Download tent so don't be proud, go and ask her!

In addition, I believe that the Juniors will be selling cakes and drinks (sorry, coffee only not alcohol!!) so support their efforts.




  • Planner: David Pal (Y & O) and Bill Marlow (Lt. G, G & Bl)
  • Organiser: Bill Marlow
  • Controller: Mark Saunders (BOK)


There is great pub for food (take great care when you turn right out of the forest as it’s a busy road) 300m from the turning out of the forest. The Tan House Inn (01938 810056) does a very good Sunday Carvery, so it’s up to you to phone beforehand and book a table.

No Toilets – Public toilets are available at Meifod, Welshpool, Newtown and Llanfair Caereinion (or at Supermarkets & McDonalds en route!).

No water at the Finish, please bring your own.

Image of the Ffridd Mathrafal map

About the area/map

Ffridd Mathrafal

Terrain description

This is a Forestry Commission plantation with some very runnable bits and some areas of rough terrain (bramble bashers advised – but not like the man-eating brambles of Allt Fedw!) and a network of gravel forest roads and paths.


The current map is based on the Garri Owen 1990 map with survey and cartography updates by Rod Postlethwaite of WRE in 2008 and minor revisions by Bill Marlow in 2011.


Read more about the Ffridd Mathrafal area and map


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